Are you ready
to be held to the fire and go beyond what you think is possible?

Stretch 22 is a 4-Month Personal Freedom Bootcamp to

Reclaim your POWER

Create a Bullet-Proof MINDSET

Have The Confidence to Unveil Your True Self

The Next Round Begins April 25, 2023

Join Preston Smiles & His Team of Master Coaches on This Epic Journey of Body, Mind & Soul.

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Why Stretch Yourself?

Because most people die with their music still in them…because most people suffer daily, even if they’re checking things off their list and achieving their goals.

The majority of people wake up everyday feeling trapped in the monotony of their everyday lives, and ”go through the motions” of what they THINK success is, only to find themselves constantly exhausted by living a passionless life on SOMEONE ELSE’S terms.

Let’s be real: At this point we know that we can all get information on personal development and self-help on the internet…for free. Yet with ALL that information, most people still remain the same.

Year after year, they fade into the distance with a quiet desperation—same old results, day after day, yet something within them longs for something more.

The sad truth is… most people stay small and in control.

What Keeps People Small

Most people settle for the familiar over the unknown. And as a result, EVERY time they bump up against fear, they back down into what feels safe and where they feel in control.

This is your comfort zone, but it’s anything but comfortable. Familiar… sure. Comfortable… not even close.